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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Millennials Are Public Transportation Riders

Our nation is relying more and more on public transportation, not only as a necessity, but also as a desire for it. There has been an apparent trend of a growing desire to have access to various forms of public transportation throughout the cities people live in. This development seems to be trending predominantly by America's largest generation. Being the younger generation searching for places to settle down and live in, millennials are the passengers that metro areas nationwide need to attract and keep if they want to stay sustainable in the future.

According to a study conducted by the Global Strategy Group and directed by the Rockefeller Foundation and Transportation on a large group of millennials, it was found that 4 out 5 of these individuals say they would prefer to live in places where they have a range of options to travel to jobs, school and other daily activities. While preferring the option of public transportation to avoid automobile use, either for convenience or cost, it's important to not only provide the service, but also provide it efficiently.

Many public transportation systems in existence offer residents of their respective towns the option to get around using their services, but lack the proper tools to control and manage operations to provide passengers with the pleasurable riding experience they desire. As a major growing factor in millennials decision-making process in deciding where to live, these systems of transportation need to run as efficiently as possible if it is to be worthwhile to those using it.

In the world of public transportation, passenger satisfaction is key. Many public transit systems currently lack the tools that ensure control and high management of system operations to provide customers with a pleasing and fulfilling riding experience. With TSO Mobile solutions, entities will find increased productivity, improved dispatching, increased security, reduced operation costs, and a general increased reliability on their public transportation system.

Public transportation needs be easy to use, friendly, and a well-organized experience for passengers. It is important for these transportation systems to work on efficiency and time management to accomplish passenger-centered solutions, as provided by TSO Mobile. The younger generations are more and more leaning towards choosing homes in locations based on access to high quality transit and an idea of complete streets.

TSO Mobile strives to support these public transportation systems by combining all of the ultimate technology for transit systems, management companies, cities and towns. With TSO Mobile's public transportation solutions, entities will experience increased productivity, improved dispatching, increased security, and reduced operations costs. Most importantly, passengers will start seeing the reliability of their public transportation system and increase ridership.

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