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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Benefits of Technology in Collection Management

When it comes to waste collection management, RFID technology in combination with GPS tracking establishes a whole new way of collecting and analyzing operational data for maximum efficiency.  By installing RFID and GPS technology on a fleet of waste collection trucks, a business owner or operator can gain instant access into vehicles, gain real-time access to worker activities, and keep up with vehicle maintenance. Leave no can unturned!

RFID enables a waste entity to easily keep track of curbside pick-up by collecting data through RFID tags located on the bins collected.  With this data, bins collected per vehicle can be reviewed during any period of time along with map representation.  This helps facilitate analysis on the data and assists businesses with making strategic operational decisions.

With today's technology GPS is no longer limited to just tracking.   Once these useful devices  are installed, vehicles can be watched and controlled remotely, and driver performance can be assessed - increasing safety and productivity, amongst many other benefits.  Have the ability to lock or unlock, power on or off, raise or lower windows, etc., from any location via a computer, tablet or smartphone. Set live-alerts for vehicle activity to be notified of anything out of the ordinary.   Monitor driver behavior, inclusive of set parameters to assess performance and hours logged.   These tools help reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring and that collection abilities are being fully utilized.

Another feature to assist with optimizing collection management that supplements GPS tracking are maintenance modules set to ensure an organized scheduling of vehicle maintenance.  Actively maintaining waste management equipment can prevent many accidents that come with the use of fleet vehicles.  Pre-set parameters can determine when a vehicle is due for maintenance, and send alert reminders.  This feature ensures only necessary maintenance occurs and helps a business maintain efficiency, an important factor in waste collection.

For obvious reasons collection management is very important in the waste management industry.  Fortunately, with RFID, GPS tracking, and Maintenance Management technology, collection management can be easily monitored and efficiently run.

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