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Monday, January 5, 2015

How to increase Vehicle Safety on School Buses

With many different components of public transportation, school buses play a big role in carrying a large percentage of our public population every day. Today, more and more transportation directors and school administrators are becoming interested and willing to dedicate resources in an effort to protect their passengers and personnel. School bus video surveillance solutions, along with the use of GPS vehicle tracking and logistics, help to support this effort of ensuring vehicle and passenger safety of those who use school bus transportation.
Every entity is different, which is why it is important to assess all aspects of the system to find the right fitting platform and management solutions for each. Working together, video surveillance systems and logistics solutions installed in school buses can always help management improve the safety of the vehicle and monitor a number of factors in the duration of a simple bus ride. These can include vehicle speed, tracking of current and past locations, accelerations and brake use. The cameras have the ability to confirm that rules are being followed, creating safety for both passengers and drivers, helping to understand behaviors, measure practices and safeguard what is seen, all in real time. 
Video camera systems capture information from various intelligence resources and monitor them in real time with real people. The systems are constantly being updated to reflect the latest technology and conditions. By surveying bus interactions as they happen, managers are able to verify that all rules are being enforced, whether this is in the case of driver activity on the road or passenger actions on board. With the ability to install cameras both inside and outside of the bus, an all encompassing visual of the ride is put together and transmitted to surveyors.
Measuring driving practices also becomes easy with the use of these systems. By using video surveillance to monitor the driver, behaviors are recorded in real time, offering the chance to find and correct mistakes as efficiently as possible. By monitoring behavior behind the wheel at any given time, overseers are able to assess any distractions, reactions and reasons for actions throughout any given ride, allowing them to understand the driver.
While the use of video camera surveillance and logistics systems allow companies to see and react immediately to situations and make decisions to make the most efficient use of time and money, they can also be used at later times for its video analytics. It has been extremely helpful to save recorded materials and develop records to be accessed at later dates, if needed. 
With the task of transporting millions of children to and from school each year, it is unquestionable that safety will remain an essential element to be addressed when making smart transportation decisions. Video surveillance is a great safety tool for school buses and those who ride them, both passengers and drivers. 

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