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Friday, May 1, 2015

Facilitating Paratransit Services in Arizona

Changing technology is continuing to make it easier for local governments and other providers to meet the evolving transportation needs of individuals with hearing and visual disabilities.
Today, providers of paratransit services have tools they can integrate into their existing technology that not only make it easier for those with sight or hearing issues to use their systems, but also make it possible to minimize distractions to drivers. 

At TSO Mobile, we are working closely with many paratransit providers to integrate real-time tracking solutions with a variety of other solutions that offer important information to both passengers and system managers.

At the recent Arizona Transit Authority AzTA/ADOT Transit Conference in Phoenix, our team was on hand to demonstrate the many solutions we offer to paratransit providers, which are all available under one platform.

Several communities in Arizona,  are partnering with us to strengthen their paratransit services and also provide enhanced passenger-centered solutions to those with special needs.

Using TSO Mobile's Audio Visual Annunciator System and our GPS Tracking system, Cotton Express paratransit service now makes it easier for many passengers with sight or hearing disabilities to stay up to date on the location of the vehicle they're traveling on and to know when the vehicle will be approaching its next stop.

The annunciator system includes ADA compliant LED visual displays for those with hearing disabilities and also audio announcements for those with visual impairments. The AVAS takes the burden of making announcements about upcoming stops off drivers, making it safer and easier for them to focus on the road.

Combining our GPS tracking technology with a mobile voice-information system, TSO Mobile also makes it possible for those with special needs to call a specific number on their mobile phone for voice information that alerts them when the scheduled paratransit vehicle they're expecting will arrive.

Through our GPS tracking platform we are helping several communities in Arizona, as well as in other parts of the country stay aware of the location of their paratansit vehicles and also track data.

Today when a customer calls to request paratransit services, the information can be entered into our system, which will collect data for the day of services and create a route.

Once the route is created, we have a solution that forwards the information to a driver through a tablet or terminal(MDT). Our integrated tracking system makes it possible for system operators to monitor the location of each paratransit vehicle. Our integrated platforms also make it possible for drivers and system operators to communicate in real time electronically.

Our services are also being used in Arizona by Communities who are seeking to integrate transportation services provided by multiple tribes under a common application. 

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