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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monitoring Driver Activity with Geofences

Control where your vehicles go in Real-Time

Being able to create imaginary fences around specific areas to monitor when vehicles go in and out of them has become an essential tool for dispatchers. Geofences let dispatchers have an additional level of control over the whereabouts of vehicles by defining regions of interest and monitoring “in and out” when it matters the most. Geofences can be created as circles or polygons of any size.

Unauthorized use of vehicles and visited locations is a major pain in all fleets operations. It happens all the time! Geofences are one of the solutions that GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking offers. Dispatchers are notified via text message or email every time a vehicle crosses a geofences going in or out of it.

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How do Geofences help avoid unauthorized use of vehicles?

Create a Geofence surrounding the area where the vehicles are parked. Depending on the type of business this can be the yard of a big fleet of transportation trucks or simply the house of a driver who is allowed to take the vehicle home but only use it during work hours.

Once the Geofence has been created, assign notification actions to be alerted when a vehicle with an installed GPS Tracking Device gets out of the Geofence.

How do Geofences help avoid unauthorized visited locations?

It works in the same way, but this time you will create the Geofence around the area/location that should not be visited.

Research shows that a big percentage of jobs not finished on time are caused from drivers making stops that they are not supposed to in between routes.

In this case you would simply create a Geofence surrounding the unauthorized places that you know drivers visit the most. You will be alerted every time drivers visit these places during working hours.

On a good note, Geofences also help monitor positive driver activity.

Creating Geofences surrounding your customers’ locations is a good practice! You will be notified every time your drivers arrive or are upon arrival if the Geofence has been created with several miles of size.

Most GPS Vehicle Tracking systems are very narrow as far as functionality and they only provide tracking of vehicles’ locations. On the other hand, there are companies such as TSO Mobile that not only provide GPS Vehicle Tracking but also Fleet Management, which is where tools and features such as geofencing take place.

When it comes to Geofences in a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System such as TSO Mobile’s, the possibilities are endless:

• Create, view and monitor geofences of any shape and size.
• Draw geofences on the map or create them by address.
• Get alerted via txt, email or voice when your vehicles go in and out.
• Setup hydraulic equipment (outputs) to be activated when the Geofence is crossed.

Many fleet owners and dispatchers are unaware of the many benefits tools and features like Geofencing can give to their fleet and business. It is 100% worth the investment!

• Improve security.
• Improve productivity by making sure tasks are done only when they are supposed to.
• Improve productivity by automating dispatching tasks.
• Improve driver monitoring.
• Maximize workflow.

Get a Demo Now and discover all the powerful benefits of a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System for your business and fleet of vehicles.

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