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Thursday, June 9, 2016

GPS Vehicle Tracking offers valuable benefits for any type of business!

Did you know our GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions are tailored for each individual transportation entity and provide a high level of monitoring capabilities with up to the minute location information frequencies? Not to mention, you can access your information frequencies just about anywhere from a tablet or mobile device.

Have real time control while you save time, money and maximize your entity's full potential with our powerful, state of the art, GPS Tracking. The system runs seamlessly by itself or can easily pair with any current operating system to improve time management, lower fuel costs, reduce payroll and ensure safety by tracking driver's behavior. 

GPS Tracking enables your business to do just some of the following:
  • View your entire fleet at once, or monitor the individual whereabouts of specific vehicles
  • Control your vehicle (enable/disable ignition, lock/unlock doors, open/close windows, etc.)
  • Set geofences to be alerted when vehicles go outside of a certain area
  • Organized dispatching
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance
  • Observe driver behavior

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