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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making Public Transportation More Effective

American cities are increasingly facing new demands on transportation systems due to a rapidly growing population. As a demand for various public transportation options to become available increases, as does a need to keep these systems running more and more efficiently. Big or small, running in large or smaller cities, these public transportation systems rely on the use of GPS vehicle tracking systems to ensure an efficient practice to achieve maximum satisfaction for its customers. As a need for quantity has increased, it has become just as important to build these systems for the public, as it has to build them smartly. 
Because of this need, the implementation of GPS-based fleet management solutions to control and execute these systems has become more crucial than ever. GPS tracking not only monitors where employees are, but poses much larger benefits to attaining a successful and efficient public transportation system, leading to happier, more satisfied passengers.
Here are 5 Advantages to Making Public Transportation More Effective through GPS Tracking Solutions:

1. Monitor where employees are and what they are doing
GPS tracking system technologies provide proof of location, route use and service completion in the most efficient method possible. They offer a cost effective way to monitor vehicle performance and employees for speed, location, and any possible misuse of vehicles. With monitoring techniques easily available, there is better guidance for drivers and faster emergency response actions to ensure pinpoint precision and efficiency.

2. Reduction in costs
Through the use of GPS tracking systems, a reduction of costs in several platforms can be found. Because of efficient route management and decision-making, a reduction in average travel time per job can be reached. Maintaining and reducing idle time can lessen mileage and fuel costs per trip. Costs per year are found to be decreased in the long-term as more people use the public transportation systems as well. By use of efficient technologies, passengers are left satisfied and more likely to reuse public transportation systems, using less fuel on personal individual vehicles and increasing fuel savings, ending in more efficient operations.

3. Improved vehicle maintenance
With installed GPS devices, vehicles are monitored accurately and timely, providing data in terms of speed and vehicle performance. With the latest monitoring software technology available, easy tracking of speeding, braking excessively, etc. can be recognized and further action can be anticipated. By supervising handling of vehicles in a system, maintenance costs may be lowered significantly.  

4. Improved communication between dispatchers and drivers
With use of fleet management technologies, dispatchers are able to view computer screens in order to monitor location of existing vehicles in reference to their own and traffic conditions. By staying alert about any accidents, construction and potential delays, maximum efficiency of routes taken can be achieved through efficient communication between dispatchers and drivers. This instant communication increases fuel and maintenance efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction.

5. Real time updates for passenger
With fleet tracking technologies, customers are easily able to receive real-time information during the use of their chosen public transportation systems. Passengers can instantly be updated on waiting and arrival times as well as schedules at designated stops. Accurate updates can be given based on the nearest vehicles progress and information. With mobile applications like those used by TSO Mobile, it has become easier than ever for track vehicles in real-time. By staying fully informed and interactive, passengers are left satisfied and more likely to repeat use.

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