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Friday, September 6, 2013

City of Hollywood, FL & TSO Mobile's Public Transportation Solutions

TSO Mobile provides GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management to City of Hollywood trollys
The City of Hollywood in FL and TSO Mobile have teamed up to implement a state of the art Public Transportation Management Platform in their public transportation trolley system. The implementation is still in process, but it is a fact! The City of Hollywood, FL has seen the huge potential that TSO Mobile's system has for the benefit of the city's public transportation system, operations, and passengers. Their trolleys will now have GPS Vehicle Trackers installed (among other hardware) that will help the city keep control of routes and create a better passenger experience. Not only will City of Hollywood be able to track their trolleys in Real-Time, but they will also have access to a series of powerful logistics control tools from TSO Mobile's public transportation solution. Some of these are:

• Monitor and analyze passengers usage of the trolleys thanks to passenger counters installed around the trolleys' doors.

• Keep a close eye on their trolleys maintenance tasks to make sure they are always running properly and never breaking down.

• Monitor the trolleys' routes and improve their efficiency to create better routes by analyzing estimated times of arrival, driver behaviors, and more.

• Receive alerts of important activity such as if the trolleys are taking too long at a stop, if they break down, if there is a security breach, if there is tampering with the tracking devices, if drivers are exceeding speed limits, and much more.

Like mentioned before, City of hollywood will improve their operations and monitoring capabilities, which will result in a better and improved passenger experience. This is something that every passenger in the world who uses public transportation would love their city to have! Passengers will also have access to monitoring tools and will experience benefits that will make their life easier. Some of these are:

• A public tracking website for passengers to track the trolleys' location in real-time, routes, estimated times of arrivals, and more.

• Access to the TSO Mobile's Trolley Tracker mobile app.

• Passengers will have LED announcers in the trolleys.

• The benefits are trully unlimited, being the most important one the fact of passengers being able to know estimated times of when they should head out from their homes to the trolley stop (no more waiting outside for late trolleys for long periods of times). Also, passenger can access trolley location information and estimated arrival times through TSO Mobile's AVIS (Automated Vehicle Information System) which provides all this information by just calling a phone number.

CLICK HERE to get a full demo of our public transportation solutions.

TSO Mobile is proud to be City of Hollywood's solution to take their public transportation system to the next level and make the passengers' experience a more pleasant one!

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