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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Understanding Fuel Economy

From engineering to training, truck operators have a range of options to improve MPG.

Speeding and Idling the main reasons of fuel consumption.

GPS Tracking a smart practice to save money.

Trucking is an industry with already thin profit margins, and especially in an economic downturn, the effects of escalating and volatile fuel costs are a major cause of concern for even the most conscientious fleet operator.
Fuel continues to be the second largest expense for trucking companies, just behind labor costs, therefore, increasing fuel efficiency and minimizing fuel consumption should be a major goal of any truck fleet operator.

While the price of fuel may be out of the industry's control, there are many ways fleet managers can manage fuel consumption. The first step in reducing fuel consumption, according to the American Trucking Assns. (ATA), is reducing speed. A truck traveling at 75 mph consume 27% more fuel than one going 65 mph; so limiting truck speed to 65 mph would save 2.8 billion gals. of diesel fuel over a decade.

Idling is another huge fuel guzzler. ATA is also pursuing a federal solution that reduces nondiscretionary idling through highway infrastructure improvements and reduces discretionary idling through incentives for new technology. Nondiscretionary idling is when the truck is stuck in congested traffic. Discretionary idling is when drivers idle their engines during rest periods to provide heat or air conditioning for the sleeper compartment, keep the engine warm during cold weather, and provide electrical power for in-cab appliances. These types of idling consume and estimated 1.1 billion gals. of diesel fuel every year.

SOURCE: FleetOwner Magazine

Installing the right GPS vehicle tracking solution has the ability to provide company owners and fleet managers with a tool that can significantly increase productivity and reduce the cost of fuel. Many fleet managers report that the GPS unit created a huge savings on the cost of fuel. GPS tracking systems are great because they include management features that will help you to be sure that your fleets fuel efficiency is as high as it should be.

A GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring system like the one TSO Mobile provides, helps to control the main causes of fuel consumption, speeding and idling.

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