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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Red Cross gives GPS trackers to kids in China to prevent abductions

The Red Cross in Beijing will give 20,000 mobile GPS trackers to young kids as part of a campaign to improve the schools security. Parents will have to pay a biannual fee for these devices. AFP

BEIJING, CHINA (JAN/09/2011). - About 200,000 kids disappear every year in Beijing, Yu Ruling, many victims of abductions. The Red Cross hopes to help this matter with the GPS Tracking devices.

These mobile GPS tracking devices look like wrist watches. They will allow parents of school kids to keep track at all moments of their kids whereabouts.

To prevent these "toys" from causing distractions during class, it will be prohibited to use them in the class rooms except if there is an emergency.
Last year, many attacks to schools were reported, in which 20 people died (mostly kids). These acts of violence motivated the increase of security in the schools of the asian country.

On the other hand, networks of abduction in the entire country, especially in rural areas, abduct about 60,000 kids to sell them in the black market.
Families buying kids seem to be the main issue. Many couples that cannot have kids or cannot go through a legal adoption, choose to go to mafias, especially in poor areas.

Credits: EFE / IAMR

The decision that Beijing's authorities are taking to solve these type of issues, proves once again that GPS tracking systems like the one provided by TSO Mobile help improve security, not only for kids, but for anyone out there.

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