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Thursday, November 10, 2011

"How I Saved $36,000 Per Year"

Joe Lore, Partner, Lore Sweeping Company, Nutley, N.J.

Another proof of how a GPS tracking system like TSO Mobile's helps you and your company save money.

As fuel costs began to rise over the past few years, we really began to look at how we could be sure we are being most efficient. As we learned more about GPS systems in our trucks, it seemed like a good way to be sure that drivers were being as efficient as possible and not wasting fuel.
Since we've started tracking drivers, we're saving about 2 gallons per machine per shift at a bare minimum. That's 12 trucks and 24 gallons every shift and 12,480 gallons per year. The GPS tracking system also tells us when drivers are running the trucks too fast or when we can avoid other wear and tear, so we're saving on truck repairs. The trucks are being run more carefully since drivers know we can track them. We estimate our minimum total savings at around $36,000 per year.
-As told to Gwen Moran

SOURCE: Entrepreneur Magazine // Novemeber 2011

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