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Monday, June 4, 2012

GPS Fleet Tracking On The Go

Having to be in front of a computer screen to monitor and track vehicles is a thing of the past.

With new GPS Vehicle Tracking technologies and software improvements like TSO Mobile's, fleets of vehicles can be monitored and tracked remotely. Now, this must not be confused with mobile apps tracking like the ones installed in iPhones (Click here to read about the difference); When we talk about remote monitoring and tracking we are referring to alerts and instant messages.

GPS Tracking Systems like TSO Mobile's allow you to set up constant alerts connected to your vehicle's activities. These alerts get triggered automatically everytime the vehicles arrive or leave from a certain location, go over a speed limit, are idling, get into a certain area, etc. These alerts can be customized by the user to any specific situation, and are very helpful for those that cannot be in front of the computer monitoring and tracking their vehicles at all times. The alerts can be set up to be received in a mobile phone as a text message or as an email.

Call TSO Mobile at (877) 477-2922 or email at for more information about GPS Tracking Alerts and instant messages.

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